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Due to the continued decrease in size of PCBs and the increased packing density of components, the risk of shorts, corrosion and electro migration is an ever increasing risk. Conformal coating adds a layer of protection to the electronic circuits from environmental effects including moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperature changes. This process is particularly important for boards supplied into the industrial, medical, aerospace or defence markets in areas where safety and reliability is critical.

In order to help our customers face the ever increasing demands placed on their assemblies and to protect them against damage and failure in the field; Union Four has installed a PVA automatic conformal coating machine. This service is designed to offer economical, flexible adhesive and coating solutions to protect your product from environmental harms.

The machine employs a fully programmable 3-axis motion platform which brings an unparalleled motion capability, allowing it to contour in and around intricate devices with pinpoint accuracy offering the greatest protection within the application’s environment.

It can be configured for virtually any adhesive application and is ideal for selective conformal coating as well as potting, dot and bead operations if required.

For more information on how conformal coating can help you can protect your product from environmental rigours, please contact a member of our engineering team. Contact us