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At Union Four we manufacture a broad range of products, varying in volume from prototypes on our dedicated prototype line through to high volume production runs.
Our surface mount capability is the core of our business, with 4 SMT lines designed to deliver our customers the highest quality product combined with the greatest flexibility.

We have the capability to place components as small as 01005 passives, 0.3mm pitch and BGAs with a pitch of 0.428mm and up to 1900 ball devices. With the latest technology in place our production team can turnaround a high quality product in as little as 72 hrs from receipt of a kit.

Upon completion of the SMT assembly stage each board is carefully checked using one of our two Mirtec AOI systems in combination with the Dage XiDAT X-Ray Real Time System to verify solderability of BGAs/LGAs/QFNs/POP packages meet IPC Standards.

In addition to our on-line equipment we have also made a considerable investment in our off-line facilities including procurement of additional and interchangeable carts to offer a rapid change over and better lead-times for our customers.

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