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Plant List

Continual investment in our equipment, staff and facilities allows us to operate a broad range of equipment to stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Please find below a detailed list of the equipment we currently employ on site:

Surface Mount –

Line 1
Speedprint Automatic In Line Printer
Europlacer Inneo 1
Europlacer Inneo 2
Ersa Hotflow Oven

Line 2
Speedprint Automatic In Line Printer
Europlacer Vitessse Pick and Place Machine with Waffle Tray Sequencer
ERSA Hotflow 2/14 Oven

Line 3
DEK 248 Printer
Europlacer Finesse Pick and Place Machine
IBL Vapour Phase Oven BLC509

Line 4
Speedprint Automatic In Line Printer
Europlacer Progress 6 Pick and Place Machine
Quad Reflow Oven

Additional interchangeable loading trolleys offer greater flexibility between SMT lines, faster set-up and minimises the risk of potential down-time.

2 Mirtec Automatic Optical Inspection System Advanced AOI with component height measurement and side angle camera.

Dage XD6500 XiDAT X-Ray Real Time System offering real time X-ray to high magnification on multiple axis.

Through-hole Assembly –

Blundell CMS 400 Lead Free Flow Solder Machine

Blundell CMS 400 Leaded Flow Solder Machine

Selective Soldering –

Fluxer/Pre-heat Synchrodex 460

2 x Orissa Synchrodex 460

Test –

In house design and build of test fixtures using LabView

Spectrum analyser

X-Jtag enabled manufacturer

Cable Tester

Automated control systems software

Other Key Equipment –

PDR XT5P BGA rework / placement system

Trident Aqueous 3 Stage Cleaning Plant

PVA Automatic Conformal Coating Spray Machine

Kirsten Automatic Cable Cut / Strip

Kirsten Semi Automatic Crimping machines

Environmental Oven

Dry Store Cabinets